Drone & Robot Inspections

Aerial Drone & Remote-Control Robot Investigations

Commercial • Industrial • Residential

Our Abilities

Staying current with innovative technologies, Rudick Forensic Engineering offers both Aerial Drone and Remote-Controlled Robot Inspections.

This technology provides safe access to dangerous and hard-to-reach locations, both large and small.


Drone Inspections

Access to hard-to-reach sites and locations such as:

  • Buildings and roof collapses
  • Roof Inspections — wind and hail
  • Building envelope and facade condition assessment
  • Aerial fly-over for overall site assessment of explosions, fire, wind and tornado damage

Remote-Control Robot Inspections

Remote-Controlled Robot Inspections

Access to hard-to-reach and dangerous locations such as:

  • Building and roof collapses
  • Confined areas
  • Crawl spaces
  • Larger underground piping
  • Utility tunnels such as steam, electrical ducts, etc.