Rudick Forensic Engineering, Inc. is the single source for comprehensive Forensic Engineering services throughout North America.

Determine Cause

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RFE determines cause by meticulously reconstructing the property prior to the loss and detailing the events of the loss — allowing adjusters to determine policy coverage and subrogation potential. The expertise of RFE’s staff engineers, architects and construction estimators is complemented, when necessary, by selected outside specialists.

Evaluate Extent of Damages

RFE evaluates the extent of damage, including the safety of a structure or other property, and the economic and engineering feasibility of stabilizing, repairing or replacing it.

Separate Unrelated Damages

RFE separates unrelated damage by clearly identifying damage caused by an event — such as fire or storm — versus damage caused by deterioration, neglect, design/construction deficiencies or other factors. This helps adjusters determine the extent of exposure.

Analyze Loss Scopes and
Manage Restoration Data

RFE analyzes loss scopes and manages restoration data to assist adjusters in controlling large losses. RFE prepares estimates of costs to repair, restore or replace the damaged property, establishing a fair loss value.

Provide Complete Litigation Support

RFE provides complete litigation support, including technical expert witness services for litigation support and Alternative Dispute Resolution. RFE’s engineers and architects are adept at reducing complex technical concepts to intelligible explanations, helping jurors arrive at judgments based on facts they can understand. RFE engineers and architects help attorneys resolve disputes by clearly explaining cause and identifying related damage.