Rudick Forensic Engineering
A multi-disciplined Forensic Engineering firm specializing
in damage investigation and failure analysis. RFE has
an experienced staff of qualified architects, engineers
and construction professionals.

RFE Advantages


RFE approaches each assignment impartially, ensuring an accurate, objective opinion.


RFE works cooperatively within the constraints of adversarial relationships, helping clients reach the most acceptable negotiated settlements.

Rapid Response

RFE responds rapidly to adjusters and insureds. The result: accelerated settlements with minimal downtime and economic loss.

Comprehensive Reports

Our reports are clearly organized, concise but thorough, unambiguous and understandable by lay persons.

Forensic Focus

We are first and foremost engineering and architectural detectives. As such, we have a wealth of investigative experience to quickly and accurately resolve damage-related issues.

Accurate Estimating

Our professional estimating systems and years of experience enable RFE to provide accurate estimates to repair, restore or replace damaged property.

Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

RFE's experts have broad litigation experience and are accepted by courts of law. Our testimony stands up to careful legal and technical examinations.

Our Services
RFE determines cause, evaluates
damages, manages restoration data and
provides litigation support.