RFE Laboratory and Evidence Examinations

When discussing past losses, we frequently bring up those that included entire buildings and even complexes.  These losses required the use of experts for extended periods of time to inspect, sort, document, and analyze the entire site.  Sometimes the myriad of damage is a result of multiple failure points and sometimes they come down to a single product failure.  In either case, an expert’s inspection of the failure, whether onsite or in a lab, is required to determine the root cause and culpability of the loss.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are those losses that are small, seeming simple and straightforward.  These losses often center around the failure of a single item or product, such as an appliance, pipe fitting, plumbing fixture, electrical device, or subassembly component.  With proper documentation, that failed item can be secured onsite and sent to an expert for inspection to determine the root cause and culpability of the loss.

In either case, the analysis and conclusions resulting from the product inspection are useful only if they are performed by qualified experts capable of communicating them to their clients.  At RFE, our highly respected professionals have specialized training and equipment to perform in-house evidence inspections of a variety of products to determine the cause and culpability of losses.  Further, our team has the ability to communicate with our clients using concise and understandable terminology, based on scientific analysis and industry standards that withstands the scrutiny of other experts, while providing the How and Why for our Clients.

RFE Laboratory

Our facilities include a technical laboratory to examine, test, simulate, and analyze the components remaining from our investigation, or those of a third party, for our client reports and potential subrogation.  We are capable of non-destructive and destructive examinations.  We can provide in-situ testing of most devices including pressure regulators, pumps, fans, light fixtures, etc.  We have the ability to:

  • Visually exam components at up to 80x magnification including digital imaging and dimensional measurements
  • Energize components with DC or AC voltages from millivolts to 240V
  • Pressure test components with:
    • Compressed air up to 150 psi
    • Water up to 300 psi
    • Natural gas up to 14” W.C.
    • Nitrogen up to 1500 psi

The examinations and testing are performed by highly respected professional Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, with specialized training and expertise in the design, installation, and operation of electrical distribution systems and mechanical systems including piping, HVAC equipment, fire suppression systems, etc.

Our facilities include climate controlled, secure rooms for the storage of items for future examinations and judiciary trials.  Our staff includes evidence technicians with the proper training and protocols for potential subrogation.

Our facilities include conference and examination rooms for joint inspections.