Scott M. Osowski, P.E.

Senior Forensic Engineer


Areas of Expertise

  • Structural, Architectural, Civil, Construction

Mr. Osowski is a Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Cleveland State University. He has over 25 years of experience in the evaluation of building distress and damage for the insurance and restoration industries from preliminary assessment through dispute resolution and/or repair. Evaluations have included visual and tactile examination, testing, engineering analysis, information research, providing general repair recommendations, report preparation, expert testimony, preparation of engineering drawings and specifications, and review of construction for general compliance with construction documents.

As a Senior Forensic Engineer, he is responsible for all phases of investigation, engineering analysis, and evaluation of building distress or damage. He provides evaluations of damage producing mechanisms, such as; hail, flooding, wind, building envelope leakage, condensation, earth pressures, earthquake, freezing, frost heave, ground water intrusion, hydrostatic pressures, plumbing leaks, roof leakage, blasting, equipment vibration, explosion, fire, ice, intentional and unintentional vandalism, overload by construction equipment or contents, snow, tree impact, vehicle impact, lightning, etc.